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Fast & Easy DIY Burlap Ribbon Bunny Ears Napkin Rings Craft Tutorial (Perfect for Easter, Showers, Luncheons, & Brunches)


Why buy a set of bunny ears napkin rings when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost that suits your décor perfectly? This was the thought that sparked one of my cutest projects. 12 feet of 1 inch wide orange burlap ribbon was enough to make 6 rascally rabbit rings for my leaping bunny topiary theme, but many other ribbons would have worked just fine. Hot glue, scissors, and a ruler were the only tools needed to finish the napkin creatures in half an hour. What a perfect project for a spring “crafternoon”!

017 (2)Leigh

Each bunny will use about 2 feet of ribbon, so plan accordingly. Note that one inch wide ribbon is the perfect size for this project. Cut 2 lengths of 7 inch strips for each ring… or 12 strips for a half dozen rings.

019 (2)Leigh

Cut 2 lengths of 5 inch strips for each set of ears… or 12 strips for a half dozen rings.

020 (2)Leigh

Fold each 5 inch strip in half, and press a crease into the folded edge. Lay down a thin strip of hot glue along each vertical side edge, in order to glue the fold into place permanently. (Try using a cool temp hot glue gun to avoid burning your fingers with the hole-filled burlap.) Leave the bottom non-folded edges unglued, forming a tiny sack. At the top folded edge, take the right corner and fold it over toward the center. Then take the top left corner, and fold it over the right one. It will make the top of each ear. Glue the folds into place with a dot of glue, under the left corner and over the right.

023 (2)Leigh

With all your ears made, assembly line fashion, get started on attaching them to the rings. Take one of the 7 inch strips and fold it in half to locate its center. Cut centimeter length slits, about a centimeter away from that fold, perpendicular to the fold. (You just made two ear canals.) Fold the bottom open edge of an ear in half, and slip it into a slit opening. You should see about a half centimeter sticking out.

024 (2)Leigh

Glue the outside of this protruding portion to the 7 inch ring strip. It should fan outward. Repeat with the other ear, making sure they’re facing the same direction.


Take another 7 in strip of ribbon and glue it to the flat side of the bunny eared strip. The easiest way to begin is by gluing one end and tapping it into place. Continue on until the whole strip is joined. Make sure the ribbons are curved the same direction for a less troublesome experience.


Form the ring by gluing one end of the long strip to the other, by slightly overlapping the edges. (You just made a bunny face.)


Repeat this process until your rabbit warren is complete. (Know that they get easier after making the first one.)


I used sage green cloth napkins with a seam that is actually called a lettuce edge. These folded beautifully into a roll with a top that resembled a small head of lettuce.


These are perfect for an Easter party. (See more of the leaping bunny garden party here.)


They’re also great to pull out for a spring lunch. (Find the carrot croutons / “bacon” bits recipe here.)


I wanted orange bunnies to coordinate with my carrot décor, which no one even sells, so I made them with fall clearance ribbon… making the grand total for this project a whopping buck fifty!


The best part of all, was receiving the genuine compliment that they were so much cuter than the stores’ versions. I hope you think so too. (Get the topiary craft tutorial and printables here.)


Faithfully Yours,


P.S. The Easter Bunny approves this message.


(This is one of the wild backyard bunnies visiting my porch!)

DIY Fast & Easy Mardi Gras Glittered Napkin Rings Craft Tutorial (+ Ribbon Votives, Centerpiece, Free Place-card & Invitation Printables)


Create your own elegant Mardi Gras themed glittered napkin rings for mere pennies with this fast and easy craft. The tutorial includes how to embellish votives to match your theme, free masquerade place-card and invitation printables, plus more details on the centerpiece from the Mardi Gras Masquerade Themed “Fat Tuesday” Dinner Party Tablescape Décor Ideas. These DIY projects are an easy and inexpensive way to bring the look of an authentic Krewe’s fête to your own crew!


The secret element to an inexpensive napkin ring form is the core of a wrapping paper roll. You can’t do better than free! Mark and cut sections that are smaller than the ribbon you choose to cover it with.


Then cut lengths of ribbon long enough to wrap around those cores.


Use hot glue to adhere a strip of ribbon around each core. Here I’ve chosen gold glitter ribbon to coordinate with my Mardi Gras theme. (You can see the same technique used on the rings in my Herb Themed Luncheon by viewing the picture in the Upcoming Projects Gallery in the sidebar.)


Next, I cut and attached layers of green and purple glitter washi tape in different widths atop the gold base. Layers of ribbon would have also worked well, but I already owned the perfect sized tape.


Read how to make your own fleur-de-lis shapes with napkins at the article on Mardi Gras Masquerade Themed “Fat Tuesday” Dinner Party Tablescape Décor Ideas.


I made all six napkin rings for way less than a dollar, in a matter of minutes, and they coordinated perfectly with my theme’s décor… Awesome!


Now for those ribbon votives… simply start with any type of votive holder or small jar. You can leave them plain or apply glitter paint to them. I went with gold glittered glass. Cut lengths of coordinating ribbon long enough to wrap around them and overlap. You can attach one end to the other with a dot of glue or double stick tape. Because my ribbon was wired, I merely twisted one side over the other like a twist-tie. (See more twisty ribbon action here on my DIY Rusted Rooster Chicken Wire Votive Holder Craft.)


In this way, I can unwrap the ribbons and reuse both them and the votives for a future holiday in a different way. I think they turned out great, and they literally took me minutes to complete… Yea!


Create a dramatic centerpiece without a lot of drama by merely starting with a basic tree form from another holiday. (For example, use a black one from Halloween or a white one from Easter.) I used a metal votive holding tree that I had previously painted gold from its earlier pewter and bronze incarnations. (See how to use paint to change the color of metal and to age a piece in my upcoming lion fu-dog décor for Chinese New Year.)


I wrapped it with trim from my Glitter-ween Party Décor (see it here) then added a few new sprigs.


I painted simple purple ball ornaments with a glitter mist (not the blast variety) to impart both gloss and glitter shine to the previously satin sheen.


I set these onto the rings that would normally hold the votive holders. (You’ll likely see these in a future article.)


I hung embroidered Christmas crown ornaments, snapped up at 10 cent clearance, along with glittered musical instruments, green mirror balls, and a mask garland. I even hung the same sequin fleur-de-lis masks used at each table setting as ornaments. I try to plan all my holiday themes I advance of the after Christmas sales to snag a year’s worth of décor deals at 90% off. I keep my theme collections in labeled bins that I add to as I accumulate finds so that I’m ready to craft and decorate when each holiday arrives.


Though it’s hard to tell from the pictures, the tree centerpiece actually didn’t obstruct any person to person viewing. This is why I only draped the bottom with some Mardi Gras necklaces and wrapped the trunk with the same ribbon I used on the votive holders.


The base of the tree was then swathed in the same purple fabric remnant from Glitter-ween’s spooky tree and draped with yards of Mardi Gras trim. (See how to hike up a chandelier to accommodate a tall centerpiece here.)


Surrounding that are 4 standing glittered metal masks that I scored at a post-holiday clearance sale for less than 2 dollars each… no kidding folks. I couldn’t have made them for less. To do as I did, scope out this year’s merchandise then pounce as soon as it gets marked down. The purple mercury glass crown votive holders were also found this way for less than a dollar for all 3… Score!


Last but definitely not least, are my free printable Mardi Gras masquerade place-cards which may also be used as invitation cards!


Simple right click on this small picture and select print. Print these in best color photo on thick cardstock.


Then simply cut on the solid black lines to separate the images for invitations. For place-cards, use the pictures a guide for how to cut out the top and crown while still making a tent folding card that will stand upright.


Poke a point into the paper just above the crown with a pointy pen, or compass point, etc. Use that as a starting point for your scissors to cut a V shape above the picture. Then cut one side close to the top and crown next to the image. Don’t cut all the way to the ends. Stop where the curve meets the flat top. Those flat parts are what join the front and back together. Then fold it in half. Cut through both pieces around the image. Again, a picture speaks a thousand words… use it as a visual guide.


Simply write names on the bottom with a gold sharpie marker or paint pen… Voila!


See more of my Mardi Gras Masquerade Themed “Fat Tuesday” Dinner Party Tablescape Décor Ideas here for more holiday inspiration!


Let the good times roll!

Faithfully Yours,