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Leigh’s Artist Statement

       My fascination with the influence that faith, culture, and politics has on inner consciousness, has led to an exploration of motivation and its ripple effect which connects the whole of civilization. I examine the notion that humanity subconsciously assimilates all-encompassing patterns in an increasingly intricate system, which serves to distract attention from individual declared purpose by elevating the immaterial. A primary intention of my work is to impart the conception that reflexive primitive responses may be offset by higher reasoning and determination of will, that self-examination together with compassion may be an effective mechanism for principled change.

       I utilize a variety of mediums in my sculpture, paintings, drawings, and photography while maintaining a consistent core focus on allegory. Material objects, or their depictions, become symbols to reflect the inner nature of humankind, whereas works that initially appear abstract are inspired interpretations of afterlife journeys. My collective body of work employs either an intense chromatic kaleidoscope or a monochromatic chiaroscuro, representing the clash between good and evil. The combined elements present the deliberation on inner consciousness that informs my complete body of work.

Concentration on the ideas within my art assuredly stems from my own belief system, just as every facet of my life is transfigured by my creed. I am continually inspired by that which Dante called the art of God, nature, by the works individuals create to reflect it, and by the ideas formed in attempting to understand creation. It is with that faith, and in that work, that I am able to find my center.

I find that sight is the premier sense to touch ones soul, and that art has the profound capability to provoke emotion. In this way, visual art is a proficient instrument with which to elicit the revision of paradigms. Moving forward, I endeavor to responsibly avail myself of arts capacity to kindle mindfulness while defining my own vision of existence.

© Leigh N. Eldred

 Leigh’s Self Portrait


Sin Cuerpo (45 x 54 inch Graphite Drawing)

2008 Hunting Art Prize Finalist

Sin Cuerpo (Spanish for without body) is my self-portrait not of face, but more accurately of character as distilled into a symbol of existence signifying a complex individual nature. The imagery duly serves to address all that one leaves behind, including societal impact. Greyscale serves to evoke a depth of personal history while the fragility of the paper substrate echoes the ephemeral nature of life itself. This drawing is used in place of my actual image in dedication to the belief that who we are is not a matter of appearance.


I am always open to new opportunities that provide a creative challenge,  therefore I welcome inquiries regarding commissioned work both large and small. Reach me via the contact page, or send an email to

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My original paintings, drawings, encaustics, collage, mixed media, photography, and various forms of sculpture can be seen at the link below, and may be purchased through me.


 Reach me via the contact page or send an email to the address below inquire about details.

[email protected]

Leigh’s Art Website

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Leigh’s Art Book Celeritas

“The book, Celeritas, is named for the evocative mixed media series it exhibits. The art, which initially appears abstract, depicts the artist’s conception of afterlife journeys to eternity as vibrantly chromatic kaleidoscopes of celeritas. (This is the c in E=mc2, meaning the speed of light in a vacuum.) The artist Leigh N. Eldred, who also authored the book, has included an artist statement which serves to elucidate both artistic intention and motivation behind the art’s creation. The book is the perfect companion for an original or Celeritas print as it presents the piece’s place within the series.”


This book is available in soft cover, linen bound hardcover with jacket, or image-wrap hardcover. Click on the link below then click on the author name if you’d like to view all 3 cover type editons.

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Arts & Crafts Instruction

I am an artist who encourages others to explore their creative potential by fearlessly trying new mediums and techniques. I believe that art can act as a balm for the soul when one’s innermost feelings are allowed to flow into artistic expression. And as a lifelong craft enthusiast, I love the challenge of up-cycling and creating something beautiful out of otherwise unremarkable scraps. Not only is it mentally stimulating, but also salves my environmental conscience by participating in “good stewardship”. Find my articles with free art instruction and craft tutorials here.

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