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Le FideLe Designs: Living Faithfully ~ Embracing Creativity

Arts Instruction, Craft Tutorials, Healthy Allergy-Friendly Recipes, Party & Tablescape Ideas, Interior Design Tips, Fine Art, Free Printables, Coupons, etc.

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Fine Art Instruction

I am an artist who encourages others to explore their creative potential by fearlessly trying new mediums and techniques. I believe that art can act as a balm for the soul when one’s innermost feelings are allowed to flow into artistic expression.

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Craft Instruction

As a lifelong craft enthusiast, I love the challenge of up-cycling and creating something beautiful out of otherwise unremarkable scraps. Not only is it mentally stimulating, but also salves my environmental conscience by participating in “good stewardship”.




My free print and cut projects make it easy for you to recreate what you see here in your very own home. My printables are free for your personal use only and are not for commercial purposes.



Parties & Tablescapes

As so much of life is often experienced in accelerated motion, it becomes a real joy to slow down and cherish those special occasions and life changing events that bring us together. Putting forth time and energy into beautifying a venue serves to enrich a celebration by making the day even more precious in one’s memory.



Allergy-Friendly Recipes

I know firsthand how food allergies can negatively impact one’s social experiences, and how even well-meaning hosts can have difficulty navigating safe recipes so that their guests may partake of least one dish. So, it is with the spirit of inclusion that I will be posting recipes to help eliminate these problems. All of my healthy yet tasty recipes will always be free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, canola, mushrooms, peanuts, and peppers in the nightshade family. I will also be offering ingredient substitutions and helpful tips. Bon appétit!


Artist Website

Read Leigh’s artist statement and links to shop for originals or prints of Leigh’s Artwork by clicking on the Fine Art America box (to the right on a PC or below on a phone or tablet) to view the secure pop-up shopping cart or browse the online artist gallery to see what’s new in each category.

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Origins of Le FideLe Designs

For those of you who don’t speak français, “Le fidèle” means “The Faithful”. It’s pronounced Luh-Fee-Dell. I had originally chosen the name as a reflection of my intrinsic beliefs.

FAITHFUL to God who graces me with the purest form of love
FAITHFUL to the family who with dedication stand by me always
FAITHFUL to the friends who remain near in more than just fair weather
FAITHFUL to leading an authentic life of integrity
FAITHFUL to establishing ripples directed toward benevolence
FAITHFUL to utilizing and sharing the creative gifts with which I have been blessed

After countless requests for creative guidance and instruction, I have decided to heed the advice of sharing my projects with more than just those around me. I ask for your support as I explore this new medium of expression. I also invite you to make requests and share your suggestions (in the comments section following each individual post), so that I may improve as we move forward together in the spirit of embracing that creativity which I believe resides within us all.

Faithfully Yours,

Living Faithfully ~ Embracing Creativity