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DIY Easy Last Minute Halloween Décor Kid Friendly Foam Shape Crafts

This project began with the question, “What on earth do I do with that sack of foam shapes that didn’t get used up in that last project?” My answer was to make holiday signs, spooky garlands, not-so-scary ornaments, favor necklaces, and puppet favor / food picks! So without further ado, here are some quick and easy kid friendly craft ideas that are great for last minute fill-ins for your décor this Halloween.


Glue colored twine in between two foam shapes to make any length garland you chose. Adults can use hot glue and a ruler as a distance guide. Kiddos can use foam glue and make it as crazy as they like!


Drape it along a spooky Halloween tree, or loop the ends and hang them on the wall with tacks.


Using the same technique, make favor necklaces for the little ones. Wrap them around mini felt witch hats for party hat dress up that doubles as décor. A barrette turns them into a grown-up witchy fascinator.


Glue the shapes back to back with a new popsicle sticks in-between.


Stick those little puppet favors into candy stashes for an extra dose of Halloween fun.


Some shapes can double as letters for a thrifty but cute holiday sign.


A block of wood or small canvas backed with a ghost cut-out, may be topped with eyehooks for a wire handle.


Glue on small letters plus pumpkins for O’s, armed ghosts for T’s and K’s (when an arm is cut and added as the kick in the K). Bats can just swarm the whole project!


A coat of glitter paint (or glue) unifies the whole project, making the foam indistinguishable from other materials. The whole thing can actually dry on the wall (so long as wee fingers are out of reach).


Thread an intentionally random mix of seed beads to a thick wire handle, and twist securely into a hole or eyehook.


Voila, super-cute… super-cheap… super-fun!


Happy Halloween!

Faithfully yours,



DIY Glitter “BOO” Wreath Halloween Decoration Craft

This year’s glitter explosion of kid-friendly Halloween party decorations needed an accompanying wreath, because every holiday deserves its own wreath… right?! I chose to make this one out of the same materials I had already been using. It contains a “BOO” sign, which you’ll see more of in my “Glitter-ween” Party article appearing soon. (You can find this type of thing at most craft stores.) I also used a pair of felt bat wings that were cut using my template from a previous craft, and some of the glitter shapes I set aside from my garland remade craft. (You can use any glitter shape made out of foam or wood.) Lastly, I used some of the same Halloween ribbon I had decorating various other elements in my home. This is why you should always buy extra rolls of matching ribbon. You never know when the crafting-bug will strike!


The best way to make a ribbon wreath is to use a hay or Styrofoam wreath form as a base. Just start by gluing the ribbon end at a 45 angle to the base. Then just pull tautly as you wrap the ribbon at the same angle around the form. I hot glue dots to the underside as I go, but that’s just because I’m a stickler for solid construction. It’s really not necessary until you reach the end of the underside. Then all you need to do is cut the ribbon and fold it over, for a clean finish, then glue it down. Though there’s no need to fold it over if you’re including a ribbon hanger.


To add a convenient built in hanger, simply cut a length of ribbon in relation to the size of your wreath. (Use the photo as a visual guide.) Glue it well to the underside, forming a loop.


Cut a piece of floral wire, and then twist the loose section of ribbon. Give it a couple of turns, and tie it off with the wire (like you would a twist tie on a bag of chips). Don’t worry about how it looks as this will be covered by a bow later.


Now use my template to cut out bat wings from stiff felt or craft foam. Place your “BOO” sign (or individual letters) next to the top area… so it’s easier to judge where to place those wings. Once you’ve found your placement, glue them down.


Arrange your shapes in the way you like best, because enjoying your own creation is the most important part. Since the shape openings didn’t show up well on the black glittery ribbon, I made some “eyes” from brighter pieces. I merely glued the lengths onto the underside of the shapes.


To add more visual interest, glue more loops of bright ribbons around the base in between the shapes. Now make a bow and layer it with several types and colors of ribbon. You can either make it by tying several ribbons together at once, or by gluing additional ribbons to a bow. Glue all of that visual smorgasbord to the base then top it off with the “BOO” sign.


If you like, use coordinating glitter glue to add faces or fill in shape openings, but wait a day to hang it up. I added extra glitter dots to cover the sparse areas of the “BOO”.


The last step is to hang it up and enjoy your handiwork! Have a Happy Halloween!

Faithfully Yours,




Easy DIY Kid Friendly Bat Halloween Décor Craft

This super easy DIY Halloween décor craft makes kid friendly bats that are lightweight enough to hang anywhere you like. All you need to make them are glue, google eyes, stiff felt sheets (or craft foam), and big pompoms. In fact, the idea came from my mother bringing me a bag full of sparkly pompoms saying, “They were on clearance, and I thought you could make something out of them.” Challenge accepted. I already had some giant friendly spiders, but couldn’t find any similar looking not-so-scary bats. The pompoms would be perfect for constructing my own.


To create your own, first print out the template image at the end of the article. (Simply right click the template image on your computer then select print.) You can even set your printer to a different scale if you are using different sized pompom centers.


Cut out the template and trace the image onto the felt. I used a silver Sharpie marker so that I could see the lines later. This is a great time to get the kiddos involved.


Cut just inside the lines, unless you prefer an outlined look.


Glue on the google eyes and wings. Try doing this at different angles to simulate various stages of flight. I used hot glue because it bonds immediately, but you should use something else if little ones are helping. Cheap clothespins make great clamps to hold items while glue dries.


I already had spiders, but it’s easy to make your own by simply gluing the ends of pipe cleaners to the pompoms. Those are purple tinsel ones in the picture. You can also find them in a thicker variety that would look better on the larger centers. See pictures of them “crawling” over my tablescapes and staircase in the upcoming “Glitter-ween” party article.


In order to hang the little guys later, slide a piece of thin wire through the back of the pompom and twist the ends together. If you’re using a different type of pompom, you can always glue a loop on. I prefer enclosed circles rather than hooks to prevent anyone from getting their fingers stuck. Also, they pack better after the holidays without sticking into each other.


These hung really well from the round wall of my spiral staircase. They looked like they were flying to the second floor. Spooky shadows were created by luminarias beneath them on the stairs.


I wrapped a chandelier in spider-web ribbon, then added the bats. One set down right in the center, another three looped right onto the metal tops holding the light shades, and only one needed to be wired onto the chain.


Hang them anywhere and everywhere, and have a Happy Halloween!

Faithfully yours,