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Mardi Gras Masquerade Themed “Fat Tuesday” Dinner Party Tablescape Décor Ideas

This Mardi Gras Masquerade themed tablescape for a “Fat Tuesday” dinner party was instigated by the desire to go all out like the big Krewe celebrations in Louisiana… but on a tiny budget! Not finding what I wanted in a suitable price range, I opted to remix what I already owned and make the rest. It turned out to be even more cost effective than if I had gone with paper and plastic… which was not only more elegant, but better for the environment too. Use some of these ideas as inspiration for your own festive fête, and read my other article… DIY Fast & Easy Mardi Gras Glittered Napkin Rings Craft Tutorial (+ Ribbon Votives, Centerpiece, Free Place-card & Invitation Printables)… for craft instruction and free printables.


I organized my theme according to the traditional Mardi Gras colors of gold, purple, and green (representing power, justice, and faith respectively). Then I pulled out everything I had in glittery versions of those colors. I used a leftover fabric remnant as a festive table topper, and layered that with gold placemats and my grandmother’s gold-rimmed china (also seen here in my Christmas / New Year’s Eve tablescapes).


Atop that, I placed vintage green plates that matched my grandmothers crystal stemware. If there was ever a time to pull out fabulous drinking vessels… it would be for Fat Tuesday!


Echoing my printable Mardi Gras masquerade place-cards (which may also be used as invitation cards, get my free printable here) were sequin fleur-de-lis masks which were positioned on each setting, for reveler donning should the desire arise. I found an inexpensive set of 12 of these at Oriental Trading Company online. (Find a free shipping coupon from them at the link in the sidebar.) I added the 6 extra masks to the centerpiece as ornaments.


I wrapped green metallic washi tape across the decorative elements in my flatware to jazz them up for the occasion. Washi wrapping is an easy way to embellish your everyday utensils for a special occasion, and it is so much cheaper than buying a new set. (You can see the same technique used on the flatware in my Herb Themed Luncheon by viewing the picture in the Upcoming Projects Gallery in the sidebar.)


I didn’t have any napkin rings that would tie into my theme besides the gold varieties I had recently used this winter, so I made my own in a matter of minutes from glitter ribbon and washi tape. This is so much easier than it sounds! (Find my crafting instructions here.)


Squares of shiny fabric, purchased with a 40% off coupon, were used for napkins. A fleur-de-lis shape was achieved by first folding the gold square in half and pulling it through the ring forming a loop. I then folded the purple square in half and formed two loops which I subsequently pulled through the ring over the gold. Lastly, the uneven bottom edges were tucked under.


I made the centerpiece with trim from my Glitter-ween Party Décor (see it here) and a few new sprigs wrapped around a metal tree base. (Incidentally, I had previously painted this gold from its earlier pewter and bronze incarnations. (See how to use paint to change the color of metal and to age a piece in my upcoming lion fu-dog décor for Chinese New Year.)


The base of the tree was swathed in the same purple fabric remnant from Glitter-ween’s spooky tree, and then draped with yards of Mardi Gras trim. (See how to hike up a chandelier to accommodate a tall centerpiece here.)


Though it’s hard to tell from the pictures, the tree centerpiece actually didn’t obstruct any person to person viewing. This is why I only draped the bottom with some Mardi Gras necklaces and wrapped the trunk with ribbon.


I hung embroidered Christmas crown ornaments, snapped up at 10 cent clearance, along with glittered musical instruments, green mirror balls, and a mask garland. (See more on the centerpiece here.) I try to plan all my holiday themes in advance of the after Christmas sales to snag a year’s worth of décor deals at 90% off. I keep my theme collections in labeled bins that I add to as I accumulate finds so that I’m ready to craft and decorate when each holiday arrives.


Surrounding the tree are 4 standing glittered metal masks that I scored at a post-holiday clearance sale for less than 2 dollars each… no kidding folks. I couldn’t have made them for less. To do as I did, scope out this year’s merchandise then pounce as soon as it gets marked down. The purple mercury glass crown votive holders were also found this way for less than a dollar for all 3. I wrapped the other gold votive holders with the same ribbon as the tree trunk to customize them for the holiday. (See how easy it is to do that here.)


The side table has another clearance mask sign hanging near it on the wall. I placed a variety of my other mercury glass candlestick holders with swirling gold tapers to further accent the tablescape. A theme appropriate pot was filled with faux doubloons to add a dash of New Orleans to Texas. (These will reappear as pot-of-gold coins on St. Patrick’s Day.) All of this was set upon an extra placemat.


So you see, it’s really not difficult or expensive to celebrate Krewe-style with your own crew… just don’t forget to serve up that king cake!


Laissez les bon temps roules!

Faithfully Yours,