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Making a Custom Book to Make the World a Better Place (One Fundraiser at a Time!)

Fundraise with Blurb custom books (This is a sponsored post from Le fidèLe Designs affiliate Blurb, helping to bring you free & fabulous content!) If you are involved with any type of organization – animal rescue, PTA, even little league, you’ll probably need to raise money for it at some point. Creating a Blurb custom book to sell (or give away to donors) is a simple yet effective way to fundraise.

Tips for charity book-making:

  1. If your subject is the tiniest bit photogenic (like animals, the environment, or kids), think about putting together a simple yet classic photo book to sell. It’s easier than it sounds! Just use one of these six professionally designed templates and you’ll get a stunning book… without having to hire a professional designer. There is always at least one creative-type in every group who’s ready for a worthwhile project!
  2. Think about your narrative—what’s the story you want to tell? Using a mixture of words and images will tell people exactly what you do, and why you do it. With an inspiring story, you’ll find people are so much more open to your message. (Check out this great online book-making tool to get started.)
  3. Another great fundraising idea is to create a cute little notebook or planner covered with your organization’s logo atop a heart-inspiring photo. It’s so handy that people will actually want to carry it around… and carry your message with them!

Here’s a How To for the Right-Brained Folks: Feel free to forward this post to the charity-driven creator in your group, and if you have any of your own tips or tricks on how to raise money for a good cause, I’d love to hear them!

Faithfully Yours


P.S. You can also publish your own travel, poetry, art, photo, portfolio, children’s, wedding, baby, memory, planner, notebook, memoirs, or even cookbooks! (Click here for a video on how to make a photo book!)

Origins of Le fidèLe Designs


For those of you who don’t speak français, “Le fidèle” means “the faithful”. It’s pronounced Luh-Fee-Dell. I had originally chosen the name as a reflection of my intrinsic beliefs…

FAITHFUL to God who graces me with the purest form of love
FAITHFUL to the family who with dedication stand by me always
FAITHFUL to the friends who remain near in more than just fair weather
FAITHFUL to leading an authentic life of integrity
FAITHFUL to establishing ripples directed toward benevolence
FAITHFUL to utilizing and sharing the creative gifts with which I have been blessed

After countless requests for creative guidance and instruction, I have decided to heed the advice of sharing my projects with more than just those around me. I ask for your support as I explore this new medium of expression. I also invite you to make requests and share your suggestions (in the comments section following each post), so that I may improve as we move forward together in the spirit of embracing that creativity which I believe resides within us all.

Faithfully Yours,