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Free 23 E-Books & Labels on Arts, Crafts, Cooking, & Gardening from Craftsy!

The online learning site Craftsy has generously offered some super cute labels to download and print for free. Simply click on the image below for a link to the webpage posting them.  Also from Craftsy are 23 amazingly free e-books on a variety of arts, crafts, cooking, and gardening subjects! Just click on a picture to find the book it depicts. Then you can download it and keep it forever to reference whenever you want to.  Yea!! Note that Craftsy is a Le fidèLe Design’s affiliate, so I may be compensated if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on these links, but these e-books and labels really are free… and free is really great! This is why I took the time to pass them along to you. I do hope you enjoy them. I can’t wait to read them myself!

Faithfully Yours,